Senior Software Engineer

Salary Range:   $85,000-$135,000 depending on experience level

Seeking a software engineer that is highly skilled with Linux device drivers, software close to hardware, and high-speed data acquisition to work on projects in medical imaging, security imaging, and industrial imaging.

Products all involve acquiring data at rates up to and exceeding 2.5Gb/sec over commercial and custom PCIe interfaces and over network interfaces.

Will be entirely or partially responsible for the system control software for imaging capital equipment.

·      Start-up
·      Self-test
·      Data acquisition
·      Data processing
·      Command processing
·      State machine
·      Communication with other subsystems
·      Error logging
·      Motion control
·      Shut-down

Must be able to participate in the development of specification, architecture, interfaces, software test design, implementation and automation. 

Team lead opportunities are available.


Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline or equivalent.


At least 5 years experience with Linux drivers, data acquisition software, and high-performance Linux software.  At least 10 years experience for team lead.

Required experience:

·      Linux device drivers
·      PCIe drivers
·      High-throughput no-loss data acquisition
·      Multi-threaded software in Linux using pthreads
·      C, C++
·      Client/Server architecture
·      Ports and sockets communication
·      State machines
·      High-speed data transmission over point-to-point and switched Ethernet networks.
·      RT “real-time” scheduler in Linux
·      Python
·      BASH
·      Windows programming

Beneficial Experience

·      Software development in a regulated environment
·      Software development in a team environment
·      IEC 62304 software development
·      Signal processing
·      Configuring Linux machines for high-performance
·      CUDA, GPU Programming
·      Application-specific knowledge could also be beneficial ( imaging systems, large data sets, scientific computing )

 E-mail resume and cover letter to jobs@photodiagnostic.com