Asto CT was founded on the principle of offering safe, high-quality volumetric imaging to improve quality of life for horses and ensure peace of mind for their owners. Our system for standing x-ray computed tomography (CT) is customized to meet the needs of horses in a safe and comfortable environment for the animal. We are pioneering the use of cutting-edge robotics in combination with multi-slice CT to provide state-of-the-art screening and diagnosis. Our first mission is to improve diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the distal limb and diseases of the head and neck in horses.

Asto CT is seeking funding to build both fixed and mobile demonstration units, with a plan to launch our first equine standing CT system in 2017. We are excited for you to meet our team and to learn more about the Equina™, the equine standing CT market, and the investment opportunity for qualified investors. Visit to learn more about this innovative veterinary scanner. 

Live scanning session with Asto CT: Font & rear limbs; Head/neck.

First test of Asto CT with a live horse